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First knife with APG #36


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1095 with reclaimed walnut flooring, copper pins, hammered guard, n spacers. Customer requested a boot knife dagger with a smallish handle n wide blade, this is what I came up with.

First time using APG 36, and I'm not seeing the pattern I was aiming for. I tried to feather the edge, but maybe I applied it too heavily because the hamon ended up pretty straight. I'm not sure, what do you guys think?





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Looks like a mean looking old blade. Really like the profile. 


Not sure about the hamon, there are so many variables. To really see what you have your gonna have to polish it up pretty good, then etch, then fine polish a bit. Not going all traditional japanese polishing but a little hybrid or american style will show it up nicely. 


Quench medium and temp play huge roles. 


Forgot to add where did you get the 1095 from? I got some from new jersey steel baron that makes some very nice hamons, have gotten some from other places that I could barely pull a line out of, another one I went to quench the steel in my parks 50 and it sounded like you were shattering glass it was pinking so much. Ive never had a blade do that before not even in water. 

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Can just see the hamon it is only a slightly different Shade to the rest of the blade. It actually looks a bit like what happened when I first tried using vinegar on one of my small forged blades to get rid of scale where about half of it( closer to the edge side) went a much darker colour to the rest of the steel. Didn't happen with the others I tried. Was pretty xxxx hard to rub off but did it with soapy water and a cloth.

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I tried on 1084 and got a nice distinct line using Ferric Theo. But from what I've read I didn't polish far enough. Liken it to test etch on Damascus with a 120 grit grind....yes you may see the pattern but the higher the polish the more activity you'll get as you well know. I took mine to 1200 then hit on buffing wheel.........Not enough. Most guys that have really active hamons polish to 2000 grit and higher. Etching medium of lemon juice and dish soap to break surface tension. I am gonna try again here soom with another piece of 1084 and plan to polish to 2000 minimum. I'll let you know how I make out. Hope this helps a bit!


P.S. The Hamon got even more active on the one I did after chunking and slicing Potatoes.....LOL

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