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Found my life long parter!!!!!

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So after looking at hundreds of anvils and buying several I found my perfect match. There is a long story behind it... But I'll cut to the good part. She is a 475 pound German Double Horn. F. W. Durres & Son to be exact. I love her. Especially at 3.15 a pound. My friend and I lifted her from the floor to the stump... Man is she heavy!!! I will put her on a 24 inch OD pecan stump this weekend after I cut it and rout out the base. In the picture of two anvils, the top one is a 96 pound Mouse Hole to compare size... Or check out the beer bottle for reference... I must be the happiest man on earth... BTW.. My 4 month old looks so cute on that old girl doesn't she?? Can't wait to teach my baby (Aphrodite) what I know!








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I really like the German pattern anvils.  My next major purchase will be one similar to yours.

I'm undecided if I want the northern German style (like yours), or the southern German style that has the smooth transition from face to the horn (no step).


Either style is a wonderful tool.  Congrats on a gorgeous partner that will outlast all of us.

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Thanks to all for the replies. Especially to one about my little helper. As for the story... The first anvil I tried to buy was a 100 pound Kohlswa. I had to wait a good bit for the auction to get to it so I spent my time buying other tools.. I can't resist.... I think I may have a problem.. When the anvil lot got close I stood a little closer to it so the auctioneer would see me bid. A nice gentleman asked if I needed an anvil.. I said "well, I think I could use one.." He stepped a few feet away and was talking with another man. I couldn't help but over hear him talk about a 400-450-& 500 pound anvil in his collection. I had to ask him about them! I did and we talked right up until the anvil came up for bids. The last thing he told me was "don't go crazy on that anvil. If you don't get it come talk to me." It sold for 550. I didn't even bid. I found my new friend and he invited me to his shop where he showed me some of the most beautiful anvils Ive ever seen including a church window anvil. Most of his were German Double Horns with matching cast iron bases. We talked for a long time exchanged contact info and I left. He coached me on my first anvil purchase and we have talked about every other Ive bought. When my double horn poped up on craigslist I instantly called him. He asked me to send him a picture. I did, he called me right back and said "I know that anvil, I know where it came from, buy it! Buy it if you have to sell every anvil you own!" Turns out he did indeed know the anvil. He knew the brand just by the poor picture I sent him. Funny how small the world can be. I forged on her for the first time tonight. It was awesome. I made a RR Spike into a bottle opener. I have made many so I decided to do something new. I made the head into a skull then used a fuller I made to create a neck for the skull.I then put a nice twist on it and drifted a hole, put a dimple on it to catch the bottle cap and finaly hammered the tip to a square taper so it would match the anvil horn. It wasn't perfect but it was my first skull and first drift. Me and the anvil are still geting acquainted... Learning how to dance with her without her slapping my hands away for getting too friendly... Lol

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