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Attaching blower to tuyeer

Justin Keller

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Many folks will use the flexible metal pipe you get for venting a clothes dryer. It's mostly 4" diameter, but you can crimp and fold the ends to fit smaller openings. This is what I am currently using. It's ugly, but it works. You will have to improvise to get a tight fit.

For a permanent solution, I am planning to weld up a short section of pipe to a plate to fit the bolt pattern of my tuyere. I hope to weld a necked-down section to fit the blower, and possibly and air-gate in the middle.

Also consider that once your metal pipe is far enough from the fire that the heat doesn't travel, you can adapt to PVC if you need some inexpensive versatility.

Anything to get the air to the fire.


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In the past, when the situation required a more heavy duty solution, I have had good luck using flexible exhaust piping (for automobiles) and band clamps. They are heavy enough to take quite a bit of heat, come in a variety of diameters, and are relatively easy to locate in auto parts stores, muffler shoppes, and junkyards (the flex pipe normally conects the motor to the exhaust system on most small cars). Hope this helps!!

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I also use aluminum dryer vent and I created a reducer out of 14inch aluminum flashing to neck down into my tueyer. This allows a snug friction fit that I can pull with minimal effort when I hook up my electric blower. It took about 10 minutes to roll it and pop rivet it.


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Here is what I did. I got the tap at a junk store for $2 and found the pipe in the scrap pile. Air is supplied with an old vacuum set to blow.

Note the improved ash dump, much easier, thanks to Irnsrgn.

My fire pot is so big because I burn wood. Coal fire pots are much smaller. the fuel you are going to use determine the size of the fire pot.








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My local hardware has 3 inch aluminum flex dryer vent hose as well as the 4 inch. I am currently using the 3 inch. It was a little tight fitting over the blower. This works very well but it is ugly and does not seem very durable. I think I will be checking out the auto parts flex exhaust pipe option soon.

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well if you are still wondering. I had a fan blower with the spout shaped like a 2x6 rectangle. If that makes and sense. Pipe is always round so I had to figure something out. Well I have a shop vac with alort of fitting for the hose and I have a fitting that goes from round to about that shape. It is now what I use. I know plastics are a no-no, but its works right now, I dont see why not.

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Gday all
I tried the gate valve (tap) idea and found it too slow. Yes you have very fine control over the airflow, but you can't instantly cut the airflow to the forge as you step away, it takes time to twist the tap closed. Perhaps a ball-valve might be a better option here.

I'm updating a forge at the moment - yes it has the gate valve - and instead of building a sliding airgate I purchased one from a woodworking supply house.
They come in standard 3", 4", 5" & 6", I also found a 2"to2.5" on the shelf which was not listed in the catalogue. You can get them in plastic, aluminum & 20-gauge steel. I found mine in the JET catalogue under dust collection and it cost a whole AUD$15, heres a link to their online catalogue:

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The biggest problem for me seems to be the fact that there isn't a very large gap between the two, and it's hard to find something so small to connect them.

Also, do you think there's enough space for ash, or should I weld some pipe on the bottom before attaching my ash dump?


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Hello jkeller...Is the connecting pipe supposed to help support the blower? I have a blower of about the same model, but mine is leg mounted.That one little bolt supporting the blower.....is it enough?
These old blowers are made from cast iron and kinda fragile. Wouldn't want it to fall and BREAK!
I don't know the design of these kind of forges,but lots of guys on this site know about them.
If the mounting for your blower is o k,you might just use a soup can or two with the ends cut out for piping....tin snips,even duct tape will work a foot or so away from the forge.
Good LUCK!

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I think the pipe is supposed to help support, there is a threaded hole close to the blower end, I think it's to bolt the pipe to the forge for support. The bolt the blower hangs off of is maybe 3/8, I think I'll try to fit a heavier bolt in there.

Just finished welding on the clinker breaker, just have to manufacture an ash dump and I'm set.

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