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Little GIant Help in the Phoenix area

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Hey everyone,   I recently purchased a 25# Little Giant from azmike.   One of the main bearings was cracked so I need to re-pour.   I don't  think pouring the main bearings will be too difficult but while I have the machine down anyhow I thought I should re-pour the pulley bearing as well.   Is there anyone in the Phoenix are with experience doing this and also the facilities?   (i.e. a lathe big enough to chuck the pulley in to bore the I. D.)    I live in the west valley but travel all over the valley for my day job.   Any help is definitely appreciated.




Don McNeil

McNeil Custom Knives

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Peter Seven will be gone for most of the summer. I can put you in touch with him if you like. I think Ron Kinyon is the man you need to see. He has done a few of them. He is in Mesa. Dan Jennings has some experance with this too. He is in Chandler.  PM me if you would like their contact info.

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Thank you Bob S .....I got a real kick out of that :) 


    dmac2  (Don McNeil) Machining out the pulley shouldn't prove to be much of a problem for any local machine shop.

I would consider that part almost hobby lathe size capable.

 The pulley is able to be held on the inside of the rim by reversing the jaws on the lathe chuck. (You remove them, spin them 180 and re-insert them so that the stepped tier is largest on the outside and stepps down in towards the center of the chuck. This effectivly reduces the diameter you are trying to grip. If done carefully (packed with sandpaper to prevent jaw marks) and dailed up true. It is possible to do this without leaving any marks. You shouldn't have any problems with this method due to the softness of the bearing material being machined.


The bearing material sounds remarkably similar to what I have heard called "old school, white metal" and is relativly soft due to the lead content and machines very easily. Modern "white metal" no longer has the lead content due to health and saftey issues. It's a little harder but very similar otherwise.


If you get a young machinist, just tell them that "she's an old girl, treat her gently" If they go hard there is the possibility (though slight) of damaging the bond of the soft bearing material to the housing. Either pushing it through or causing it to spin in the housing at a later date.


Hope this helps.

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Do not repeat do not try to chuck this from the inside.  The only place to safely grip this part is on the shifting fork ring. That part is true with the rest of the machined surfaces.  If you grip the shifting fork ring then you can bore the bearing then true up the tapered clutch surface, and the outside where the belt runs without removing the unit from the lathe thus makeing all surfaces concentric.  The result will be a very smooth runing clutch/pulley.   Chucking from the inside runs agreat risk of breaking the pulley.

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I've got Sid's DVD on rebuilding Little Giants that you could borrow if you'd like.  He does cover pouring the bearings in it. 



Thanks Rob,


   I have the videos as well.   I have no problem with the main bearing and I have already purchased the babbitt and the mandrel from Sid.   It is the pulley bearing I have issue with.   I have resolved this problem though.   I am just sending the pulley to Sid since he has the mandrel for it and the ability to bore the center he will also turn the clutch surface.   I am hoping to start the dis-assembly this weekend.   I plan on photographing and possibly recording the process.   

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Thanks Peacocok I was aware of that already.   I will most likely be sending my pulley out to Sid to get done.

That's what I'd do.


Like Peacock said, I had a machine shop press in and bore a bronze bushing years ago and they didn't get it bored true to the clutch surface. Big Mess! Hard to fix, but we got it done.

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