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Small tables


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     Here are two tables I recently built. The short coffee table has generally the same construction as a fire screen I built for a client a month ago. I think it has just shy of 200 riveted tenons in the top. The bottom of the vertical bars are plug welded in place. It has a black guilders paste finish with gold guilders past on the 6 twisted frame bars. I have clear coated over the top. The wood is red oak.


     The second table is also black guilders paste coated. The middle ring pass through the legs and the top ring is welded to the legs. 


Just work I built to show to potential clients


Mackenzie Martin

Martin Forge Works



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Really nice glass table! Is the middle ring secured to the legs in any way?

Yes. First the ring passes through a punched and drifted hole in the legs, then the legs have very small TIG welds from leg to ring on the inside. This prevents the ring from rotating and helps to keep the table steady

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For the round tall table with a glass top. The top ring is bent round hot and a small chamfer was hammered on the edges. The ends of the ring were chamferred then butted together and I electrically welded them together. After any electric welds I always grind the weld joint smooth then place the welded area in the forge and take a heat and lightly planish the surface. I am sure the joint could have been forge welded, or even half lapped and riveted. I chose to electrically weld because it was convenient at the time. 


The two oval rings for the wood topped table were also bent hot and electrically welded.


I often use a gas forge when bending large parts, I do not try and forge weld in my gas forge so I use electricity. I did not think the over all appearance would be changed from one weld or another, so I did not bother to light the coal forge. I do prefer to make any type of branching scroll work with a forge weld. 


I am glad some people have enjoyed the tables. A client has been asking me about some muti use table/stands so I may be building more soon. Something that could hold a table top, or maybe potted plants. Sounds like I will be building the swiss army knife table.

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The glass on top is 24" round, I think the iron ring was 20" OCD The ring is made from 2" by 1/4" flat bar. The legs started at 1" by 1/2" they taper from the middle ring all the way out. The center ring is 3/4" octagon. I do not know the center ring diameter, I just started bending and comparing the rings until I was pleased with the ratio.


I do not remember the height of the table, some where around 32" - 36"

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