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Prime space for little money

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Bending and fish tails, a nice liitle contract.


Here is the plan :



A very simple little job, Not a challenge realy for the blacksmith. What I like about it from the forge's point of view, is how traditional techniques and products can integrate themselves in very contemporary settings. There was no money for scrolls or other embelishments and there was apparently, no need for them. The whole simple thig is an embelishment in itself.


The young man is a film director and works long hours in post production on his computer. He wanted to enjoy the possibility of working standing and gain space in his ofice where space comes at a premium. What I designed was straight forward, inexpensive and did the job ... I think. And this is the kind of job where when you quote a price the client does not run away. And you still make a little, a nice little.


Above all, I repeat myself here, what I like about the job is that it puts the blacksmith in the lives of young upcoming people. It makes forging contemporary. The client phoned me more than once to tell me how happy he was and that some of his friends have shown an interest.


Here are a few pics.


A general view :




Here we clearly see the three levels : screen on top, keyboard & mouse on the larger plane and all hard disks on the bottom.




The fish tails were forged so that they hold the wood making up the shelf. The shelves are simply inserted and the wood can move with the seasons without cracking.



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Since the large shelf extends 24 inches, everything is bolted through in the wall. I use rivets whenever I can. They were not called for since they would not have contributed to holding the whole thing to the wall.


Thanks for looking.



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Nice piece Yves, clean, functional and contemporary, well done. The only thing I see that bothers me a bit is the way the scroll ends protrude above the shelf, it looks like a spot a person could snag a sleeve. Closing them further makes installing or changing shelves a tough nut to crack though.


I wonder how forging a thin smooth wedge to close the gap and secure the shelf would fly?


If it's not an issue for the customer then it's NOT an issue. Still, it catches my eye so it has me thinking.


Frosty The Lucky.

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