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  1. Ok this was not intended for blade purposes. Just form and practice. It's a mild steel and a wire rolled spring steel ( from a window balance) I happened to have some mild round stock that would fit in the middle of the spring. So I welded it up and soaked in muriatic over night... No pattern. I may need to grind a little deeper to get pattern but not sure.
  2. Would spring steel and mild steel give enough contrast to make damascus?
  3. Flechtite works great! I would avoid standard " hot glue" like out of a glue gun they tend to come unglued very easily. check http://www.3riversarchery.com/ they are my go to for archery supplies.
  4. So I got the kitty litter to work. I pulverized it and it was a lot easier than I thought. I found a unique tool. I happened to have an extra coffee grinder that worked perfectly for pulverizing the clay. I mixed it with portland cement and sand and built up my forge. It has cured for over a week. Do i still need to light a small wood fire to draw out any moisture before running it full blast? Here it is! https://www.dropbox.com/sc/4q6atm8zdc7dsku/gOF6n1ECfl
  5. Thanks I will check with the local supply stores for bentonite clay next time around. thank you!
  6. Well I was happy to get a smooth weld more than anything! I have been having problems in my gas forge getting welds but I came out all right with the coal forge. I did a basket twist right after i fired it up and welded the ends up. It felt good!
  7. For a first I am proud of it! I plan to do more of a hawk style or bearded axe next time. but all in good time!
  8. thanks All! I used just the clay so when that disintegrates I will add sand to the mix. I appreciate all the information I had to let the kitty litter soak for about a day to get it into a usable state. I have batch number two soaking and will probably add some sand to it this time. After I get the fire pot built up I have to add a table to my construct and then have to crush my coal. Most of my coal is golf ball size plus :/
  9. It was an old hammer handle I had replaced recently.It needs about another 6" of handle to be comfortable for me. Yeah It was great fun the next one I will do a little different I will also have a better forge I'm building up a fire pot and have to add a table to it and I will have a sweet little coal forge. If you are around North AL let me know! We can get together and beat on some things!
  10. Made out of a lawn mower blade. This was a first attempt. I gotta get a bigger handle and clean it up some more. I used my coal forge and got it welded up EASILY. I was ecstatic when I was cleaning it up and there were no weld lines or cracks.
  11. the only ingredient is "ground clay" its the brand that was recommended on here. Thanks for the info. I let the litter soak over night to dissolve the pellets. All i have to add to it is Sand and ash. I'll see what it does. Thanks again!
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