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First knife in a gas forge.


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Hey guys so heres my first knife forged from a file. As you can see its far from done. I am wonder if i should make it a flip blade style (which would be cool but i have little to no experience in the flip style) or just a fixed blade. Only problem with fixed blade is that i dont usualy make sheathes for them as i also have trouble doing it. Im leaning more towards to flip blade style so if any1 has ideas or knows of the style i talk about please share if possible. I have rose wood, walnut, swamp rata (native new zealand tree), london plane, sycamore, and sum others. Will upload pics of wood if youd like.


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You can do 2 things: learn how to do a sheath and learn how to do a folder. No, you have another option: make a flip and then a sheath to keep it closed in your pocket/at your belt, so you will work on 2 projects in one. If you send me a PM with your email I can explain both...
Anyways, if your hands made that beautiful tiny knife by hammer, you will have no problem in making a sheath or a folder!!!

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Why thank you. And yes it is fully hand forged and will be strickly file work only. Its a piece of file steel. Still got a bit of wet n drying to do but almost ready to harden and temper. I bought a cheap hand carving set from the 2 doller shop to give that a try too sometime. I will PM you now.

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