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Sign Bracket WIP


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I've had enough of people confusing my forge with a BBQ so I decided to have a go at forging a bracket today for a sign. I'm really starting to like this decorative work! I'm probably going to cheat and tack weld it as I've never done collars and I don't want to experiment on this! I'll probably wrap the weld area with copper or brass wire and use something similar to make the loops for the sign. I think I'll make a bigger sign too!


The leaf clips on the left will have holes drilled and will hold the bracket to the wall. Getting those tight enough to the bracket itself was probably the hardest bit!


More to come!




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Greetings Gundog,


Nice work...  Why don't you spot weld the joints and try to make the collars..  Come on its not hard... We all challenge ourselves that's how we learn.. The only problem area I see is at the top wall mount ... That one you will have to weld and leave it exposed unless your bracket covers both scrolls..  Keep up the great work..  No more BBQ for you...


Have a great day    Jim

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Thanks! I suppose I should have a go at the collars, this whole project was way out of my comfort zone as a beginner, so how hard can a few collars be? I guess I just had a bad experience the first time I tried riveting and ruined 2 days worth of work, but this is quite a bit different. I'll do some research into how they're done! And yeah, the top bracket goes over both scrolls so it shouldn't be a problem! 

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A person needs to push their limits or they become a factory line worker, a technician. Not that those are bad things, it's just not the place a home shop owner can afford to be. I like the sign bracket and I assume the wall mounts are going to rotate 90* to make up. If so, they will hide the spot welds nicely.


Check out Brian Brazeal's blue prints he has a very slick collaring technique AND it'll leave you with a handy tool to boot.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi Gundog, if you have managed the securing brackets, then you should be able to manage collaring.


This link may help http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/21343-joining-methods-course-last-weekend-april-2011/


To make your mandrel, just double a piece of the stock bar you used back on itself to represent the pieces to be collared.


The process is still the same for making and fitting the collar.


Have fun

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