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Can I trouble someone for a Hay Budden serial # look up.

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I am a new member here and I don't have the book yet.  I have a HB that I got from my dad several years ago.  I have used it over the years working brass and copper sheets and roughing up hinges for woodworking projects.  I finally brought it outside to the forge and worked some pieces on it a few times.  It felt good to put it back into service. 


While I was doing some research on it, i ended up on IFI and found a lot of good info.  I believe another member here has a HB with a serial number a few digits off from mine. 


30" long x 12" tall






Serial # 201236






There is some wording in the middle under Hay Budden that I can't quite make out.  Maybe a bad strike.  






1" hardie and two 1/2" pritchell holes






I haven't weighed it, but it is at the outward range of my lifting capabilities.  I don't plan on taking it off the block again, let me put it that way.  


Thank you for any info.

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