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Dumb question?

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I remember something like a 50:1 ratio. So a 3lb hammer would be good for a 150 anvil.  But that is what I read, reality is different, see what the other folks tell you. I do know that I have seen a lot of anvils that were missing important pieces and that had to be caused by something.

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So long as you're not taking full bore overhand swings at it, you should be fie using an 8lb sledge on a 154lb anvil. Don't quote me but I THINK 15 or 20 to one is the accepted safe rate. That is relying on my fractured memory and I never was good at memorizing numbers like that so. . .


I think you'll be fine though, PWs are high quality anvils and you're keeping off the tail and horn so I THINK you're golden. I use an 8lb sledge on my 125lb Sodorfors and a 16 lb sledge on my 206lb Trenton to no badness. Center mass blows that is.


Frosty The Lucky.

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