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Patina on steel for kitchen cabnets with forged steel handles

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Hello Everyone,


We were ask to patina some existing kitchen doors that another group made and to make some handles.  There were 30 doors in total and 15 handles made from 3/4" round stock.


The patina took about 10 days to get it to this stage.


Hope you enjoy the pics.


Very Best Regards,






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We used first sanded the entire piece going from 80 to 180 grit sand paper until the slight mill scale was gone and the surface an even texture.


The pieces were then stood up vertically so that the water did not pool.


Next we alternated between using a very dilute muratic acid...about a 7% solution and cuperic sulfide about 25%.  We would do one solution and let the part dry.  Then sprits it with water from a hose all day long each time they dried out.  Next day the cuperic solution would be applied and the same water treatment all day long...


We took this process back and forth until the desired coloration and patterning looked good to us and the client.


Finally we applied 4 thin coats of nitrocelluse lacquer.


At one point early on, the patina was a greenish color and I had hoped the client would go for that...as originally they had wanted to have the doors made from copper, but changed to steel due to the cost.


Best Regards,



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