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Help identifiy unique anvil

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Welcome aboard "Artie" glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in your header we won't have to keep asking.


Yeah, that's a bridge anvil of one flavor or another.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Not real unique; I've seen a passel of them over the years all associated with the old oil patch, PA, OK, TX, NM, etc    Does it have any markings cast proud of the surface on the ends?


I've seen one that I recall was an II&B.  I'll have to check mine again when I get a chance to go home (bought it in OK)  and perhaps the one I found by the rotting remains of a cable tool drilling rig at NM Tech that is now being "stored in use" at their Fine Arts Metals classroom.


That one looks to be in fairly good shape as they were often ductile iron and beat to pieces---a "consumable" item in the old cable tool days.


(Note to self---we still have some cable tool water well drillers around here; must see if they have any leftover from the n"bad old days"...)

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