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I finished this full tang, general purpose kitchen knife the other day. Its made of really, really big bandsaw blade (1/16'' thick by 2 3/4'' tall) so I'm guessing its A6 tool steel. Whatever it is it takes and holds an edge nicely. Its got a black walnut wooden handle with brass pins. This is my third knife, and the first one I'm not ashamed to show off. Any criticism or advice is greatly welcome!










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Who knows what kind of steel that is.  I obtained several that size the first two made the most awesome kitchen knives.  The stuff was impossible to anneal enough to drill through so I had to hot punch all pin holes.  The last one I got was a different material, wholly inferior to the first blades.  I believe the first was m-42 the second some kind of cobal alloy (doesn't forge weld).

As far as critisisms, use the knife.  You'll find there are things you will may want to change to make the handle fit your hand better.  Keep it up!

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Hilt and Hammer, it was all just stock removal. All of the curves fit a radius some ware on my little craftsman belt sander, and the edge was completely done by hand with a file.


jmccustomknives, Nobody knows what kind of steel that is, not even the person who gets it for me :unsure:. I've been using http://www.hudson-metals.com/ to try and identify what it is, with little clear success. I think I've got the steel narrowed down to either an A something (A7, A6, A2, etc.) or that M42 your talking about. And I know what you mean about annealing it, its impossible. I tried everything under the sun to anneal it (trust me, I came up with some pretty creative things) and nothing worked. I ended up drilling the pin holes wile the handle tang was still red hot, and that worked quite well. As for using it, its going to be hard to make myself do, but I planned on it, after all, I made it as a knife, not a mantle ornament.  


Thanks for the input, its greatly appreciated! Now I feel that a dinner of pork chops and fried potatoes is in order tonight. B)

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