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How to fix a katana handle


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It sounds like you have ,in all probability, what is known as an  SLO (sword-like object),or wall hanger. These are ,of course, meant for decoration only. I hope you haven't tried cutting with it .http://youtu.be/xGTQLB1VQrA  


  As you can see in this video,there are some obvious reasons your sword blade might not want to stay in the hilt.  If the sword is special to you,and you absolutely must fix it (instead of leaving it on the wall),there may be a way to do it (two part epoxy,pins,etc.) . However ,in order for us to help you out,you'll definately need to provide some photos of the problem.

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Sorry to tell you this, but that sword is most definitely a wallhanger.  In this community, we call these things SLO's or SSO's (sword-like or sword-shaped objects).  99% of the swords commercially available are made of cheap stainless steel, don't have the proper geometry or weight, and are almost never heat treated.


Pinning is a process where you drill a hole through the handle and the tang, and then epoxy a metal rod through the hole.  This is pretty much a "if you have to ask..." question.


What were you using it for that it broke?

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I wasn't using it for anything. I bought from a store in my local mall and noticed the blade came out about a month later and asked the guy if he knew how to fix it. He said he didn't know and I didn't have my receipt so I couldn't return it. I'm still learning about swordmaking and stuff.  If I drill a hole through the handle, it will be noticeable.

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Well, yeah, that's how pinning works.


If I were in your shoes, that sword would hang over the mantle or on my wall.  If the blade self-destructs without use, I would most definitely not go swinging at trees or anything similar.


If you don't want to change the surface appearance, rough up the tang with some sandpaper, and glue it back in with a two-part epoxy like JB-weld.

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Hi there, I would suggest what already been said and epoxy and pin the handle, you can use even a small pin which should show to much. There should be several threads here showing how it's done in the knife forum.

I know its not a real sword and your not going to use it and doing both could be overkill, But I have a fear that some one will pick up one of my swords I have on my work bench that only has a handle "loose fit" and the blade will fall out onto a foot... even "fake swords" are still sharp 3 foot blades...

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