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What do you guys think?

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His "about 200 lbs" is more than 25% off. You can clearly see     1   1   07     on the side of the anvil. This is 147lb. Also stone weight is normally wrong and the anvil is in fact lighter. The anvil looks fine to use. With the chewed up sides and slight dip in the middle I would offer a max of 2$ a pound, or 300$

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I live in Round Rock and watch the craigslist ads in Dallas, Houston and Austin.  That one seems way overpriced.  Now this 300 lb Fisher might be worth checking out.  Same price, but looks to be in much better shape. 


300 pound anvil. Fisher-Norris - $1000 



Then there's also these two in San Antonio, same owner.


Peter Wright 266 lb Anvil - $800

390 lb Anvil - $1000


One in Houston...


Peter Wright 165# anvil - $500 


The anvil I have I got by watching ads in Pittsburgh as I had a friend who lived there and was moving his house down.  Seemed like up north they were less expensive.  Maybe something like that would work for you?  Good luck!

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