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I Forge Iron

New Coal Forge


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Sweet job Darren. Nice and neat.

Where did you get your blower from and for how much? I'm looking to make up a mobile unit and a small blower is on the requirement list.


Mate, the only thing I noted with your set-up that may need watching is where you've run the power cord through that length of pipe past the fire pot. It may be just the way it looks in the photo and won't be a problem, but when the pot has been on for awhile, put your hand under and check if the pipe is getting hot.

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Yeah mate i will keep an eye on that. Its a fair way away plus there is minimal metal contact to the forge to reduce heat transfer as well. But if there is a drama i will move it.

 the blower is a ebmpapst from Farnell electrical but it is too big. i am going to downsize i think

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 There is an air gate on there at the moment, it has to be almost closed to operate.



A question to anyone who may know, the current blower is 350 cuft/min and it will blow a dog of a chain at full speed i'm thinking of changing to a 150 cuft/min so the fan will be operating more up in it curve most of the time. Any thoughts?


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Only one issue mate, you should of gone gas!


I here that top bloke from Picton makes a mean gasser :)


Seriously though you do top work!!! A great compliment to that fantastic Anvil you made!

Thanks Mate

 I just need to extend the shed now to put all this stuff in


Thanks to everyone else too for the comments

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