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  1. darren70

    home made anvil

    The horn took an afternoon, starting with a 9" grinder and then a 5" flex disk and a french curve. I wanted it to look like an anvil, just because i could. Its about 90kg Thanks
  2. darren70

    home made anvil

    About 90kg mate
  3. Mate in Australia Cigweld Cobalarc 350 is close to Stoody 2110 or Maybe WIA abrasicord 350 For the top layer or for even spot repairs you could try Cigweld Cobalarc Toolcraft. Looking at the anvil, once you have chaced all the cracks you may get away with just toolcraft. Do you have access to rockwell files or a pocet Brinell tester. It may be good to get an indication of what you have first. I am making some assumptions that you have the right equipment and your proficient in this kind of welding repair work too Thanks Darren
  4. Dcraven If you would like to reduce the overall flow of your blower you can run a strip of 100mph tape or similar around the outside of the fan itself parially blocking off some of the blade opening. By varing the amount you block off you vary the flow. Obviously this isnt easily adjustable but it can be used to get close to where you want to be. Hope that helps
  5. Here is a link to the build tread '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> If you need any more info let me know Thanks
  6. Nice work mate. I like good home made anvils. Another method for a hardy hole with the gear you have would be drill the hole as you have, thenweld 4 pieces of f/b corner to corner using the form of your hardy tool as a mandrel, pit it in a lathe and machine the o/d round to about 5 thou interferance and prep one end, then tap it in and fully weld the top. As i said great job.
  7. Here is one of mine as previously posted. It's 90kg and i made it myself http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/36966-home-made-anvil/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/36972-home-made-anvil/
  8. Is that you at the old Richmond Main pit mate?
  9. Mine is posted elsewhere on here but i will add it here so there all together http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/37115-coal-forge/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/37118-coal-forge/
  10. Thanks mate, i have seen that site and it looks good. Thanks Darren
  11. G'Day everyone i have just found this thread so i have raised it from the dead... I'm Darren and i'm form the Hunter Valley. I am new to this blacksmithing but i have worked with steel all my life. History is a big interest to me too. Thanks
  12. Somthing i have always used for marking straight lines around round section is emery cloth. I have 2" wide rolls of it in the shed and it works a treat.
  13. Here is mine http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/37086-stand/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/37087-stand/ Thanks
  14. G'Day Mate I look after a fair sized piece of a coal mine every day. In simple terms coal is constantly oxidising and heat is generated in the process. It can be an issue on large stockpiles but to be honest no matter how you store a home sized pile you won’t have an issue. Hope that helps
  15. I was at ironfest, the blacksmith display was very good.
  16. Thanks Mate I just need to extend the shed now to put all this stuff in Thanks to everyone else too for the comments
  17. darren70

    coal forge

    I am going to make a hood and chimney whan i get a chance. Eventually it will be in a smithy but for now it will get moved around. I am going to put wheels on the back too. Thanks.
  18. darren70

    coal forge

    Its just standard 250 plate. There is enough thickness for it to last quite a while i think Thanks
  19. Brian There is an air gate on there at the moment, it has to be almost closed to operate. Thanks A question to anyone who may know, the current blower is 350 cuft/min and it will blow a dog of a chain at full speed i'm thinking of changing to a 150 cuft/min so the fan will be operating more up in it curve most of the time. Any thoughts? Thanks
  20. Yeah mate i will keep an eye on that. Its a fair way away plus there is minimal metal contact to the forge to reduce heat transfer as well. But if there is a drama i will move it. the blower is a ebmpapst from Farnell electrical but it is too big. i am going to downsize i think