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Identifying Old Anvil Symbol

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Have anvil that has been in family for 100 plus years. My great great grandfather was a blacksmith by trade in Ireland. We don't know if anvil came across the pond to Canada or was purchased in Ontario. Anvil weighs 102 lbs (0 3 18). Only symbol is like an upside down V. I thought it was a William F.

I would like to identify and possibly date. Attached is pictures of both my anvils.







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The second one is for sure trenton.  You can see the diamond above the "solid wrought"  I suppose it could be a "trexton," but thats the same thing.  You will find numbers on the trenton on the front feet (under the horn) that will be your weight and serial number.  The serial number will tell you how old it is.

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If it doesn't have a serial number, and it lacks a handling hole in the front foot (like trentons and wrights), it's likely a German Trenton... The Diamond is a dead give away.


use baby powder to dust on the other one... major imports were mousehole, wilkonsons, and fosters... It could be something else though...

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