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I Forge Iron

Candle Holder and a Ring


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This the the first decorative work I've really done. I jumped straight into forging blades but at the weekend I decided it would be fun to have a shot at some decorative stuff. I really enjoyed it! There's a lot less finishing and 'messing around' afterwards so you can spend a lot more time on the forge rather than grinding. What do you think?





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Thanks, I really enjoyed doing these! I'll look into getting some smaller stock for the rings, took me some time to forge it down from 5/8" rod. Simple design is all I can do right now, I have very little experience! I've given the ring  a coat of lacquer to hopefully prevent rusting. I'll may consider doing them out of stainless if I do more. The candle holder got a red oxide primer and a coat of black.

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Not far off! I was lucky with estimating the length and I formed it around a rod roughly the same size as my finger. Once finished it was still a little loose so I used a hide hammer and a stump to make the final adjustments... with my finger in it! 

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I bought a very nice heavy Damascus ring last year from Dave @ Studio4 in Seattle.

It left a stain on my finger for 3 or 4 days, now no stain or irritation. If you just keep wearing it I bet it will stop making the stain.

My gold wedding ring is in a box- the gold kept wearing through from the smithing. The Damascus holds up just fine and the pattern is still great!

Gave myself quite a start the first day in the shop with the new ring- I have a magnet on my torch holder and it kept 'grabbing' the ring. Felt much better when I figured out what was happening :)

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