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looking for a rolling mill

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I am thinking about looking into getting a small electric rolling mill..I had a brochure/price list from some place back east that was making them but for the life of me I don't know what I did with it...

Anyone know of anyplace/anybody who is making these things???

Any help would be appreciated..


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You're *late*. They sold one at the last NM Tech Auction that was set up for powered use. Nice looking too; I didn't stick around for it as things were out of my price range and I had a scrap dealer willing to sell me some 1" plate for a treadle hammer base out of the stuff he bought next door. (Prices were much better than new; just $20 a week doesn't go far...)


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Mr. H, lots of jewelry companies (such as Rio Grande) sell powered rolling mills that usually have 8" wide rollers. You may want to look into these... though they run around $8-10,000 apiece, if memory serves. If you need further help finding 'em I'll take a look around.

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