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Oxygen and charcoal


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I'm building a brake drum forge and I live in a suburb so I'll be using charcoal. I have access to O2 and I was wondering if anybody has experimented with piping in oxygen through the blower. I know this will intensify the fire but is there any reason I shouldn't do this?

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Loe said above the amount of oxyden in the air surrounding use will support combustion quite well,,and for your forge a flow of air will take care of your fire needs.

And oxygen is not explosive at all. that is a myth. Wot it is is an oxidizer and it potentiates combustion, In pure form that can be quite dramatic.

If you want data :http://msds.lindeus.com/files/msds/WPS_LIND_068_NA_MSDS_FINAL_REV_9_2_10.pdf

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Yes it will give  you hotter fire, yes it will heat your metal faster, yes it oxidize (burn) your metal faster, will it make setting up forge and fire more complex, probably.... Is it practical,  probably not, is it worth the hassles, probably not.... IF you need more heat try coal instead of charcoal or build a bigger fire.... Sort of like in the Jaws movie when the actor said "think we're going to need a bigger boat"....



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Coal and charcoal produce about the same amount of BTUs *per* *pound*.


Coal started to be used by smiths in the high to late Middle Ages, ("Cathedral Forge and Waterwheel" Gies & Gies); but the yse of charcoal as a smithing fuel continued in parallel to using coal to this day---traditionally made japanese swords are forge welded using charcoal!


If you are not getting enough heat using charcoal---you are using it *WRONG*.

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