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This seems almost too simple to mention but I thought I’d share how I use small shank hardies in my large 1 ½ inch hardie holed anvil. I was, as I’ve seen elsewhere, going to make short sleeves, cut down at the corners several inches and fold down the four sides so that they rest on the anvil’s top. When I noticed that the square tubing I intended to use could rest on the wood base for my anvil it seemed far easier and in some ways preferable to use simple straight pieces of square tubing as sleeves. With this method the hardie rests on the anvil’s surface rather than the sleeve’s sides. Some of the sleeve’s walls have been forged thinner at the end to accommodate hardies which did not fit well in the tubing as it was. I also have a Peter Wright anvil with a one inch hardie hole which I hope to make sleeves for to accommodate ¾ inch shank hardies. The Peter Wright’s hardie hole seems quite tapered and rather irregular so sleeving will not be as easy.



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Greetings Ben,


What worked for me and my Trenton with a 1 3/8 hardie is a 4 in square plate with a 3/4 square hole and the correct size stem for the hardie.   just weld it up and grind..  It gives a better surface for the smaller tools with a 3/4 footprint...  Less wobble...


Happy grinding...  Jim

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