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help with coal forge blueprints


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hey guys... i have had an interest in blacksmithing for a while, and i have just acquired a good amount of fire brick. my problem is that i dont know what kind of deminsions everything should be. how large should the chamber be, how wide and tall should the chimney be. the whole thing. I want to make knives, so the forge doesnt have to be too big..

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How big were the forges of the other knifemakers you visited and asked to try out their systems?

Or do you generally buy a car without a test drive? (or even seeing it?).

BTW "The Complete Bladesmith" by Hirsoulas includes plans for a coal forge for bladesmithing IIRC; have you looked at it? It may be on the large size since Jim is a noted swordmaker.


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i want to use coal for fuel, and i have only used larger gas forges. I plan on going to the library to do some research tomorrow, but any help would be very much appreciated. I will check out hirsoulas, thanks. I live in springfield missouri.

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The following Blueprints should give you some information on building solid fuel forges.

BP0138 Bullet Grate
BP0390 First Forge Fire
BP0273 Mini Forge
BP0394 Side Draft Forge
BP0238 Side Blast Forge
BP0277 Scott Forge
BP0128 Forge Blower
BP0232 Side Blown Forge
BP0115 "5th" Wheel Forge
BP0133 "55"Forge Pan
BP0333 Supercharged 55 forge
BP0462 Wheel Forge
BP0463 Wheel Forge

There may be other Blueprints, but this should get you started.

Larry is right, the Blueprint BP0133 the 55 Forge is a quick and easy forge to make, and you can build a fire after just a couple hours construction time. Build a 55 Forge and use it while you decide what design you want for a 2nd forge.

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