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I Forge Iron

Four german Vises


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These are my four Vises i got so far.



My first one was this 115mm/4,5" Leg Vise.

I got it for free because it was burried in the old workshop and rusted.

It was quite fun giving back some live to the vise.

The spring was broke and the only springsteel i had on hand was a 4mm spring wire.

It works for 2 Years for now. The vise is my favourite because the jaws fit perfect, screw box and screw are fine too.

post-30320-0-55838000-1359316118_thumb.j  post-30320-0-09550900-1359316122_thumb.j  post-30320-0-09364200-1359316126_thumb.j  post-30320-0-44311400-1359316129_thumb.j


This is my second Vise. I needed a assembling vise for my Workbench( which is also my desk)

I searched ebay for it and found this one.

Triumph sounded familiar and DRGM means it was built from 1891 and 1945. Normaly items from this age are pretty sturdy.

After a bit of cleaning i had a reliable vise.

post-30320-0-78503200-1359316111_thumb.j  post-30320-0-96874700-1359316114_thumb.j



This one is a 85mm leg vise i bought for 35€/47Us Dollars from ebay.

Its light and simple to carry around. Jaws are good too but the screw is a bit ramshackled.

post-30320-0-79236200-1359316084_thumb.j  post-30320-0-06653200-1359316095_thumb.j




And last Saturday i got this one for 50€/67Us Dollars.

The Jaws are 150mm/5,9". It´s a monster compared to my other ones.

It´s still disjointed and i have to reforge the spring and get the thick layers of paint off it.

The Screw is quite worn out and i guess i have to saw it off, turn around and weld it.



A friend sayd he knows a guy who may sell his 200mm/7,8" Vise.

Well i don´t need it so far, but having a vise which is so heavy that even a long time blacksmith had his problems hauling from the cellar would sure be a cool thing.




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Nice looking vices.  :D  Thanks for sharing.


 For future endevers your springs can be made from mild steel and they will work wonderfully.  There have been several posts on here dealing with making vice springs and other parts.




I love that machinest vice you have there.  Gets me thinking about all sortsa stuff. 


Thanks for sharing.

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Guest Hudgiguessy
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Servus again!


This is another vise i repaired for the smithy i work for.

I also took some time to built the visestand. It's the prototype of the one i will built for my own smithy.


Plate is a 500x500x20mm Steelplate which has enough weight to handle it stable.


Vise is 120mm/ 4,7" .

Pretty good condition, i only had to reforge the spring and clean screw and screwbox.



And good news:

I just won an auction for another Leg Vise and can get it tomorrow.







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Nice vises! I've always liked the way the side plates on the hinge extend so much further up the leg on the German vises. It makes for a much stronger vise and really keeps the jaws in alignment side to side and helps to keep the jaws from twisting when clamping on one side of the jaw.

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Servus again!


It has been a while...

As i have got to learn for my Masterdegree tests, i was looking for real important things on the internet which couldn't wait till i finished learning ;)


So i found this little Baby: 6,3" (160mm) Jaw width. 57 Kg for 30 Euros :D


odd... i can't upload the other two pictures.... Error 403 !?


Called the owner and as he told me the width i already sat in my car.

I asked him for further tools and he told me he has got a car jack for a unimog with 5tons capability.

He wanted 20 Euros so i am now a proud owner of a powerfull bridging tool.




I also got a new Vise which i can't identify:

It ' s almost the same as a Matador vise but it's got some differences.

It is no low quality stuff like those wannabe hardware store vises but i can't find the manufacuterer.

Even the older Peddinghaus / Matador/ Garant vises are quite similiar, but always have a detail which won't fit.

Jaw width 4,5" -> 115 mm and weighs around 10 Kgs.






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