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I have recently fallen in love and have been inspired by some small knives I have seen on google just
"blacksmith knife". I have included a few knives from the net that I am focusing on right now.

Please excuse my infantile drawing, it's my process. I am hoping that an 1.25" of blanket and a good
coat of cement will give me just under a 3" square by 15" long chamber.

I need to do some major reading on number of burners needed. I'll need to read allot more on the two types of burners I've seen so far. I've decided that i will build everything myself. I would much rather build it for $25 then buy it for $125. I have any tool available to drill, tap, weld and shape short of cnc or lathe. IDEA!!! If this is still to small what about 1" brick, Roman arched in for the walls. As soft as it is, maybe?

Thank you for commenting, I appreciate all input. More to come Angel.








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Ok please don't laugh. I know it is small. I just needed to make some fire and hit some s### JK LOL, was so tired of waiting for.....one more thing. So started up the charcoal/coal forge. I needed to build and maintain a fire PROPERLY. Needed to know how to build and maintain a coke fire. I never had before. That poor skinny rebar got nice and red well I waited for the 3/4" coil spring to get hot enough to straighten. I smashed out a few inches of that rebar. Drew the tip down, then stretched the bevel till I got the spine straight again. About six hours of fileing later.






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Don't worry too much about researching the number of burners. The correct number will be one.


I'm sure everyone else will greet this with derision, but you'll need to mount it in the end and have it sending the flame along the forge and straight out of the end.


I built a couple that way and took them to a hammerin, two or perhaps three years ago. Quite a number of knives got forged using them over the weekend.


Lots of people said they'd do it differently. To be fair, I would do it differently as well.


They came about because I had some scrap stainless pipe and odd bits and pieces to practice welding on. I had been wanting to make a mini-forge of the coffee can or paintcan type so, rather than making abstract art, I welded a couple of ends on some 6" pipe.


I already had a few square feet of Ceramic Fiber blanket and a couple of cheap Chinese torch sets that I felt I could probably modify to work in a forge. Basically, it was a case of making something from what I had to hand.


The burners were horrible to use and I would not use them again. I got them to work, but each one had to be treated as a one-off (I'd hoped I could modify one to work, then do the same with the other one and have it work as well).


I've since been playing with Venturi burners and have also used one or two blown burners. Either would work in a tube forge like yours. I'd advise building the best burner you can, as you'll outgrow the tube forge quite quickly and want to build something else. It's a lot easier and quicker to get a new one up and running if you've already got a good burner for it.


The photo is while I was testing it. I had a type S thermocouple in it and I was just trying for hot at the time. It showed 1368 degC (2494 degF). For forging, it was run somewhat cooler.




Downsides to the configuration are that it probably needs to be run fairly hard to minimize the temperature gradient, and that work is more awkward to handle because you cant selectively heat the bit you want to hit.


It will get you started though

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The mini-sidearm is a good design - I'm quite happy with the ones I've made. 


The 1/8" pipe nipple that holds the MIG tip is a somewhat fussy item - the interior diameter is somewhat variable, I've had nipples that were too large inside (they didn't hold the MIG tip tightly) or too small (I couldn't fit the tap inside to thread it for the MIG tip).  You can always drill it out larger if it's too small.  If it's too large, try some Teflon tape - not a perfect solution, but it will get you up and running until you can get a proper nipple in place.


Why is Teflon not good?  After you turn your forge off, the burner acts like a chimney, and a lot of hot gas goes up the chimney, where it melts the Teflon, which means that your MIG tip will again be wobbly, and gas will escape around the tip as well as through the tip, and you'll get a weird flame.


In a worse case scenario, if the flame goes backwards up the burner, you'll ignite the Teflon tape, but that's pretty hard to do with this design of burner (except when you turn the gas off).

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