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What type of post vise is this?


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The vise was most likely made within the last 100 years at the oldest. I also believe that the screw and nut/box that is mounted in the vice is a replacement. I do not think any post vice was ever made with that type of screw. The screw on the vice may work but its a poor replacement for the original parts. 

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I'm with oof; looks like someone took the remains of a cider press and the remains of a post vise and made them work together, somewhat.

Not very old as the postvise is not a tenon version; perhaps the "conversion" was done during the great depression when money was tight?

Note that the mounting plate is generally set right under the yoke (the bulge where the screw goes through) so there is less moment arm on it when using the vise. and so the spring goes down and not up from it.

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