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How much would you offer/pay for a 19x19x2" hunk of steel?

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So the school where I am learning welding has this massive slab of steel that's just rusting on the floor. This thing easily weighs 200 pounds and I don't think it has been touched in several years. And I think that it's safe to assume that it is just some A36 mild steel because I don't see why they would have any sort of high carbon or alloy steel of that size just sitting there.

So my question to you guys is. Considering that the owners of the school have most likely forgotten this thing and wouldn't mind getting rid of it? How much do you think I should offer them for it? I can haggle decently but I'm looking for a sort of range to work with.

A piece of steel that size would be very useful for me as a work slab for working soft metals and wood, also If I need a flat piece to work on. What would you do with a slab of that size?


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I am going to build myself a striking anvil. I found some mild steel 6in wide by 2in thick. I had two 16in pieces cut. They did not charge me for the cuts. I paid $28.00 for the two pieces. Together, they were 112 lbs. If things work out, I will start on the stand tomorrow.

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It might also help to mention why you want it. A lot of places with steel drops or scraps get hounded by scrap metal guys, and get tired of being asked. If you make sure they know you actually want to use it and not just haul it off for scrap you may have better luck.

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