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george m.

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Dear All,

What book would you recommend to someone starting out? I'm thinking Weygers or maybe Charlie McRaven's works. I'd like to get several copies to have on my table to sell at cost to folk who express an interest in the craft.

Also, there are some really good and some really crappy blacksmithing videos on Youtube. Are there any you recommend? I could make book marks with links to those, ABANA, and Rocky Mountain Smiths. Also to regional teaching smiths like Frank Turley.

George M.

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Having a selection is good. What is great and speaks to the soul of one person may be totally off-putting to another.

I like Weygers' scrounge and recycle ethic; others prefer a book that starts "go purchase a 20' stick of 1/4". 3/8" and 1/2" sq stock and cut XYZ inches off one of them to make this project."

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Guest Johnnie

Hey George, I started off with The Backyard Blacksmith by Lorelei Sims and a few others but as you move on definatly have a look at The Skills of a Blacksmith volume 1 & 2 by Mark Aspery. Volume 3 is out soon I hope, They are not cheap like some but the amount of work and step by step photos are brilliant. Found his books a lot more technical than most. Helped me along as I've only been Blacksmithing for a couple of years now. He shows a lot of maths if thats your thing and.........good luck and be careful as it may just become your passion as it has mine!!

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