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Broken vise repair (kind of)


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so i bought this post vise on the weekend which seemed pretty good. its a 4.5" jaw and generally looks pretty well, once i got it home i pulled out the thread and saw the 1st 3 turns on the male thread were stripped and on the female the 1st 3/4 of a single thread had peeled off (see pictures.) it still tightens up fine so im not overly concerned but i dont want it to get any worse.

my idea was to bash the section of thread back into pace and weld it, however, when i tried this it broke off (see pictures.) i thought welding the remaining section would provide enough strength to prevent the whole box from unwinding in this manner.

I have reassembled the vise and it functions well, although i dont have it on a post yet so cant really tell. will the stripped section of thread become an issue?






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Is the stripped section engaged with the threads in the box? If the stripped section is engaged with the screw box then you may have some future issue, but if it is not in far enough to engage, and does not interfere then it won't. The future issue would be related to very few turns being engaged together.

I find it interesting that the thread that was peeled out snapped. Was heat used when reshaping?


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When screwed in fully, that is not in the vise assembly, the thread does enter the confines of the screw box. i cant tell if this is so when in the vise but its likely. there does still remain a large amount of thread which is undamaged, i am curious how something like this actually occurs. my guess is that the stripped section of thread comes into contact with the inside of the vise jaw if left to hang loosely, then the damaged thread no longer fitted back into the screw box and so peeled the tread away when re-tightened.

no heat was not used however i barely touched it so i doubt it would have done much good.

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If they are not in the screwbox perhaps they were damaged by people working on top of them with something in the vise---ie the damage to the thread and the damage to the screwbox may not be related save through someone doing damaging work. The threads look nice and square.

If I had to repair the screwbox I would braze rather than weld.

As the screw and screwbox are the heart of the vise that is something I *ALWAYS* check before purchasing. If I can't see them that drops the price by at least 50%. If I can't see them and the vise shows evidence of hard work/abuse that drops the price to scraprate!

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thanx a lot for the info Thomas, i will confess buying this vise was very much a spur of the moment thing as it was the 1st one i have ever seen for sale. i did check the thread when i was looking at it, before buying it that is and couldnt see any damage. this is because when un screwed the damaged thread sits inside the outer jaw and so is never exposed when the vise is open.

that is a good point about maybe the two damaged pieces happened separately, it looks to me as if the thread was wound to far into the screw box until it ran out of thread on top forcing the first ring of thread in the screw box to expand as the thread ran out.

i dont not have the facilities to braze unfortunately and i don't really have much of a welder either lol otherwise i would have attempted to rebuild the thread (weather or not thats a good idea i do not know lol)

i will defiantly be looking more closely at my next one but im still pretty happy with this one.

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I'm where Thomas is. to me the damage looks unrelated to the use of the screw and the screwbox. The screwbox damage might affect the use of the vise when the jaws are fully extended but for narrower
usage the vise might be fine. Since you don't have much to lose, because it appears you have sort of written this vise off, try closing the vise tightly on a piece of 2" thick stock and really crank it down.
That'll give you a feeling for its usefulness. Most of the time I use my post vises on 3" or less stock. Occasionally I use them for wider stock but not really for pounding and I have a bunch of big bench vises that will hold wider stuff better.

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