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Ideas for making a mushroom stake

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What would be a decent way to create a hardie tool that functions like a silversmith's mushroom stake? Forge weld mild steel to a tool steel head, shape it, and then quench? Or just forge the whole thing from solid tool steel?

I'm trying to design a tool to help forge fuchi and kashira for any Japanese style blades I may end up making. Any ideas from more experienced people would be really helpful!


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You might tray a trailer ball?

I've needed a round surface before and used a 2" trailer ball in the anvil. I had to grind past the stamped lettering on the top of the ball and polish it up before I used it. I've got one of the EuroAnvils with the 3 pritchel holes, and the trailer ball shaft fits the big one perfectly.

Not fancy, but it works.


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A railroad bolt, that is used to hold the track plates to the track, has a 1" thread and about a 2" round head. I thread the nut on and then heat and square up the thread to fit the hardy. This gives a nice shoulder for the hardy tool. The bolt has a fair amount of carbon so they can be heat treated, shaped and polished to taste.

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Jim, figure out what results you want and reverse engineer the process. For instance, if you want a long single axis, use a cylinder.

The following Blueprints may be of some help.
BP0184 Look - See
BP0244 Junk Yard Visit

Don't get hung up on what it is, but look at things for what they can do.

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GDay All,
how about cutting a chunk of railroad rail, just cut away as much web as you need too, and forge the top as thin/flat as you need. Its a tough as xxxx, and you shouldn't even need to heat treat it. I make fullers, hardies and cutoff hardies out of rail.


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IForgeIron is a family forum and a comfortable place to visit. Your young daughter should be allowed to read the site without you having to look over her shoulder to protect her. I would like her to be able to say she learned from the best blacksmiths in the world, by reading what they had to say on IForgeIron. Who knows she may be the next MASTER Blacksmith.

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