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Who repairs anvils (in the upper Midwest)

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Hi all,

I'm looking for someone WITH EXPIERIENCE to do some weld repairing on a couple anvils I own. Some I'm hoping to fix to re-sell with beginners in mind, one is a 350# North German pattern that I use in my shop.

The 3-4 I'm looking at having repaired are all victims of a cutting torch. I do not understand the mentality of cutting on an anvil, and probably never will. I don't mind paying for quality, as I do not wish to have a soft face, having lost its temper. I also do not want a hack job that will come loose in a month.

Attached is a pic of the German one, this is the one in the worst condition, torched edges, and a good many torch blowouts on the face.



Btw, I'm in Milwaukee, WI but don't mind a few hour drive each way. It would save me freight in the long run.

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