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Forging a pair of tongs


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I've watched this video numerous times now; it's awesome watching the pros work. I've been working with my homemade forge and 70lb anvil for a few months and I've gone through a few bars of mild steel attempting to make tongs. It's enjoyable and I've definitely made some progress. VaughnT, I silenced my anvil with the magnets like you mentioned in the video, works like a charm, that tip is pure gold!

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Big-D, I agree with you using square stock for people starting out to learn to turn their material 90 degrees, but round stock is a better choice once you've learned to turn your material and get it under your hammer because of the surface area contact with your anvil and hammer. The same reason holds true with why the rounding side of the hammer is better than the flat side to move the material faster and keep energy in the piece so you can forge longer. The flats bear on the anvil and hammer more and wick heat away quicker. The only thing better would be forging square stock on the diagonal because of surface area contact. Surface area contact is one of the most important things to understand about forging.

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