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My Guillotine tool and a question about dies

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I've finally made a guillotine tool, I'm pretty excited about it because it's my first one and I made it myself.
I want to make a set of dies for fullering candle holders from 1 inch pipe but I'm not sure of the shape. (Heck I don't even know how to ask the question properly)


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Nice job on the guillotine. For candle cups the dies I use are kind of a diamond shape laying on its side (when you are looking at both dies, closed). I size the vertical portion of the diamond so that when the outside (unaltered) edges of the die come together they act as a stop leaving the final dimension of the fullered portion the size I want. Round all the edges of the dies up real good with a belt grinder or angle grinder.

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Hi woodtick. Those dies that are in the picture look like butcher or tenon dies and would not be appropriate. I just use a spring fuller for my tapered candle cups and it turned out fine. Might work better with a little radiused diamond hole. Another project :D. This is where the guillotine tool shines, which by the way, you have a nice example of. My spring fuller has about a 3/16" for 3/8" wrapping rod around the candle cup.

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