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Excellent craftsmanship! Those burners look like something from the Jetsons!!

With attention to detail like that, I'm curious to see more of your work.

Definitely agree that two burners in such a small forge is a bit much. Good work, definitely. I'll have to get you to build me a few burners if I ever decide to go with a propane forge.

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Its made from a 20lb propane tank and the finished interior measures approx 7 inch dia by 10 inches long, comes out to about 385 cubic inches. I kept finding that a 3/4 inch burner was good for about 300 to 350 cubic inches in my research so i ended up with 2 burners instead of 1 like I was planning for. It doesnt seem to get too hot, at least I havnt melted anything I didnt intend to melt. Maybe my openings on the ends are too big? I have not found any info regarding exhaust opening size ratios for venturi burners other than you dont want them too small. Has anybody with propane forges recorded what temps typically achieve?

When its zero outside in the middle of winter I end up sanding and polishing things and end up with "Jetson Burners" its wierd but what can I do its a sickness, oooohhhhhh shiney!!

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