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ok I fergit,,,,how do I post a pic???


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Jim, you can just send the pics to glenn and he will post or you can enter the picture in an image hosting website I use http://photobucket.com/ its a free hosting site. after you enter your picture in your album there will be 3 lines of addresses under the picture, URL, TAG, IMG, highlite the IMG one and copy it then just paste that in your text wherever you want it and when someone clicks on your post it will automatically bring it up from the hosting site and display it, as shown below. You cannot upload pictures directly into this site like you could the old one.



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To post in the forum, the photo has to be on the internet somewhere (at present, but we are working on that). If you need it on the internet, email it to me and I will post it for you. - OR http://www.yourimg.com is one location you can store your images on the internet for free.

The best size for the image is 400 pixels in either direction with a max of 500 pixels in either direction.

Text that you want.
Click the "img" button
type in the full URL on the image
click the "img" button once more to close

This is the photo I want to show y'all
click "img"
http://www.image location
click "img" again
Be sure this is all one long line with NO spaces.

The code should look like this but without the spaces before or after the URL. It tells the forum to look for an image (img) at this location (http://www.etc and display that image (close image - /img)


The image should then be posted to the forum. Example below by JimG

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