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My new anvil

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After two years of hunting to no avail. I ordered a new anvil two months ago. I finally got it today. You know 200 lbs of anvil underneath the steel is better than a 3/8" x 6" piece of WI under the steel. So far I really like it but I don't have much with which to compare it. I let a chisel slip once and manage to put a little ding in the face but none of my errant hammer blows have even left a mark so I think it is hard enough. It rings but not much worse than my mild steel and then WI pieces I was using. I haven't finished anchoring it down as I have been working on making a bracket for it. Well that and just playing around on it all day. :D I'm impressed but then considering what I've been using that doesn't really say much I guess. :o





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Very nice anvil. I've always been curious about those double-horn designs, but have never had an opportunity to work on one.

To quiet my anvil, I bedded it in a bit of caulk and chained it in place. A magnet placed on the horn will stop it's resonance, but the caulk did 99% of the quieting. Instead of a church bell, it sounds like I'm hitting an oak plank!

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BM454, Believe me I would have "settled" for a HB but in this area the hoarders have them all and priced as high or higher than I payed for this.

I hadn't even thought about dressing the hardy or pritchel! Thanks! I'm trying to decide if I need to leave any of the edges sharp. With the double horn and sideshelf I have more edges than I know what to do with, literally! I feel like I need a class in how to use all the angles edges and features. I guess I'll learn from using it!

I'll definetly take a piece of mild to lay on top. The chisel mark you can see but barely even feel so I got lucky and learned my lesson, I hope!

The ring isn't bad at all and I probably won't do anything about it except maybe a magnet under the horn. The face has little ring after tying it down with chain but the horn could get annoying. I'll see if my mount does anything for the horn ring. I doubt it will and that's why I think a magnet will come in handy. I'm as excited as a kid getting a new toy over this anvil. I've got Randy's book in one hand and I'm trying to figure out how to hold it and a pair of tongs so I can hammer with the other while reading it again. :o

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i like it. alot. i love how the hardy and pitchel holes are seperate. ive seen so many anvils where the back of them have boken off with a crack along the hardy and pitchel holes.

is it solid under the hardy hole?

and to help with ringing, attatch it to a wood stump and as glen said, sand is your friend. if you have a workshop, line the floors with a normal play sand or whatever is cheapest at the hardware store. and have WOODEN walls. wood will absorb the sound vibrations really well. because the inital stuff hurts your hearing, but people forget about the weaker sound vibrations bouncing off of steel walls. (or tin)

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