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I Forge Iron

Several Knives


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That is excellent craftsmanship. I really like the style you made the knives in.On the third knife, what did you layer the handle with? is that wood or leather layers in the middle, and how did you get them so small is what i mean to say. anyways i really appreciate this kind of work. Just out of curiosity, what kind of forge did you use, how big is it. Oh, and the second to last knife, i think its some kind of maple, the puukko, how did you fit the handle without the end of the tang sticking out the butt of the knife? good work!

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MOMPY, that is layers of birch bark, and the ends are Olive. Yes, they are all forged, I use a propane forge made by Chile forge. The second to last just has the tang cut a bit shorter than the handle, and I epoxied it in.

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BWP, Awesome work I love the puukko's always have , as a small child while in a childrens home a missionary visited us from alaska and showed us one and I never forgot it I have wanted one ever since . I have seen cheap ones but refuse to get them i wanted one like his many folks on here make them as do you the nice carbon and antler or bone handle and a leather sheath .

if you are willing to make one an sell one let me know I would like to have one. yes I will use it to clean deer and such .


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