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Anyone ever heard of "Jett Press"

Chris P

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I bought a decent hydraulic press yesterday and I'm trying to find a little information on it. The only identifying marks I've found on the press itself is a tag that says "Jett Press." The lettering is kind of pealing off and there may have been more, nothing I can see.

If anyone has any info on this press or what it might have been used for that would be really helpful. It may be modified to fit my needs, but I'm always curious about machines and their history.

Some interesting things of note:

The press has removable heating rods in the pressing platforms, I assume to keep them from acting as a heat sink. It also has two control panels one with a timer for 0-60 seconds (probably for the cycling controlled by the switch below). The switch is labeled "clamp cycle" "manual" and "transfer cycle." I'm not sure what this means exactly. Any light anyone could shed on this would be great...

Thanks a lot for any help. FWIW, I can't find any info on "jett press" on Google...

Here are some pics stolen from the CL ad:





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I think it is a heated platen press. A place I used to work at had one similar, and like you just wanted it for the press and I can't remember the original application. Maybe some kind of plastic mold curing but the memory is very fuzzy.
Great score by the way.

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I would think the ''manual'' setting is for free form use, the others??? If you can find out the gpm and mtr hp. that would be handy. If those are small say 1gpm x 1 1/2hp you're looking at replacing the mtr and pump for forging use cause otherwise it will be a very slow press.....I looks like the cyl can handle the needed psi from the gauge.

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I'll have to look into the gpm. The motor is 1 1/2hp... It has two pumps, but I think its one pump for each cylinder. I'll take a closer look to see if it says the gpm.

Thanks for your help everyone. I'm researching heated platen molding presses now ;). I hope I don't have to revamp it too much, but if nothing else it should be a good base to work from.

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