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made a simple pair of tongs


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I forged these right quick before I came in for the night. Probably took an hour, but I didn't rush and I didn't time myself either.

I hand forged the jaws, boss, and the beginning of the reigns. I usually do that on the power hammer with an edge-of-the-anvil tool, but I was in no hurry, and wanted to swing a hammer for a bit. The reigns I tapered on the power hammer. I also made the start of another pair on the same pieces of metal, but they will need the reigns forge welded on.

These are made from coil spring and hold 1/4-inch square, round, and flat.


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At the rate you are going I won't be surprised if you start selling tongs soon!


The thought has crossed my mind....with a few jigs and such I could make them rather quickly.

The material was 1/2-inch round coil spring. I usually use approx 1/2-inch coil for tongs with up to 5/8-inch jaws. Not sure how long a piece I used.......maybe 6-inches.
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