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Plant Hanger, 12 in offset, riveted, with leaf & Door Knocker


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Had a request for an inside plant hanger, with some leaves. .5 in sq stock, on a 1.25 in backing plate. fullerd .75 in for the leaf area, riveted construction, inside oil finish. Would sell for @ $80-%110 USD, but in this case, it's a present for my wife Karen Grace's BD.

Also ran off a 8 inch door knocker for a house warming. .75 skidder chain for the bail, mounted on a 3 in back plate. Hot oil OMO finish. Usually I sell the large door knockers for $120-$150 USD.

Let me know what you guys think.





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Nice job,

My only comment would be the hanging bracket is not of the strongest configuration, the triangulation should be with the hook the opposite way around, this also elevates the height of the hanging plant in relation to the fixing points

May be you designed it this way for its situation in which case thats fine.

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Nice work Peter, it'll go over big. I'm with John about the placement of the hook and am still right with him about a deliberate design feature. I can think of a couple reasons to do it this way.

Well done all round.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you for your kind thoughts.

John & Frosty, "hanging bracket is not of the strongest configuration". I am with you on the support concept but the visual angle of exposure wanted the brace above the yard in this case. The funny part was, I had some "supervisory input" from the boss and at one point when I was slowly working away on the leaf details I was accused of not making rate.

The peer product review is a great idea because it gives us a chance to get input on how the pieces are seen through the eyes of other folks that actually do make things. I have had experiences with individuals at shows that have suggested "better ideas" and they are not always going down the right road.


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