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hephaestus, rather large image i found

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Here is how I post images on this site.

Go to imgur.com and set up an account. They are free and easy. Or use any site that hosts images, the main thing is a site that will assign a unique web address for the image.

Once you are signed in to imgur, you can drag the photos from your finder or computer window and drop them on the imgur window.

Or on the imgur window you can hit the upload button and follow the prompts. Once they are uploaded, click on the one you want. It will first bring up a view sort of overlaying the previous window. Double click the photo again and it will take you to that photos own page (unique web address)--you should only see your photo. Copy the web address for the image and go to the IFI post.

Then on the IFI post, click on the little photo icon. It should bring up a popup window asking for a URL. Paste the web address in there and hit enter. That should put the photo on the post.

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How would you go about transfering this image to a copper sheet? would a adhesive mask and etch work well? how well would an electro etch work on copper? Any other ideas how to transfer the image to copper, or any other metal? I want to hear as many ideas as I can get

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