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Going to the junkyard tomorrow

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I am heading to the junkyard tomorrow looking for something that will work as anvil until I can buy one. I have been told that escavator pins are good substitute anvil, but I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestion for what else I can look for.

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Broken knuckle off a RR car coupler---about 80 pounds, has a flat area and a curved area.

I don't like RR track particularly and prefer heavy compact masses of steel---old dozer parts, old Ag equipment can have some nice stuff, etc.

I think that fork lift tines are GREAT; you've seen the link I post all over the place when this comes up http://www.marco-borromei.com/fork.html

Do try to avoid I beam as it's mostly air no matter how heavy it is and it's shape makes it extremely NOISY in use.

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