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First pattern-welded knife


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I finished my first pattern-welded knife a little while ago. I'll try to post pictures and would welcome any constructive critcism. The knife on top is one my Dad owned, it came from Herter's many years ago (anyone remember Herter's?), and I used it as inspiration for the one below.
Now, the problem. The knife was made with 1084 and 15n20, worked to 208 layers. Pattern was developed with a dilute ferric chloride solution for a total of about 10 minutes (in shorter increments). I am pretty happy with the pattern, but after the knife sits for a couple of days, dark streaks develop on it. They easily clean up with 800 grit sandpaper, and I have tried coating the blade with several things, but it still seems to happen. I have used oil and paste wax, to no avail. Anyone else have this problem?

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Rich, Loneforge, samcro, thanks for the help! I'll neutralize with windex ASAP. Let ya know how it turns out. loneforge, you are right, the form is very much like DH Russell belt knife (I looked them up). I bet they made knives and marketed them through Herter's. Herter's was a catalog/mail order outdoor equipment outfitter back in the day. Bass Pro and Cabela's are modeled on them.

Thanks again, Dave

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Well, I THINK I figured it out. I took Rich's advice and neutralized with Windex, and that helped slow down the oxidation some, but it was still happening. After a couple of weeks, the pattern became indistiguishable, just a muddy grey color, so I cleaned all the oxidation off one more time, neutralized again and oiled it. This time I left it out of the homemade sheath and just laid it on top with only a small part of the blade touching the leather. Lo and behold, the blade oxidized where it was in contact with the leather! My theory is that it is an acid tanned leather (bought it at swap meet) and that is causing the oxidation. Anyone else have any similiar issues?

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