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wooden chest hardware

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I'm ashamed that I didn't keep man hours on this job. I was in the middle of classes, and I could only put in short periods of work at a time. This was a special job for a friend, so I first had to reforge the wrought iron to size. All the parts are of wrought iron including the hinge pins. The hot forging didn't take all that long except for the forge welded hinge barrels; they were drifted to 1/4"D and later hacksawed and filed for the knuckles. The hinge pins were annealed and 1/16" left protruding from each side of the barrel, enough for a relatively 'flat' cold upset. The layout and filing took the most time; it helps to use a chamfering vise such as Blacksmith Depot sells. I ran out of Dykem, so I had some Super Blue that I used with the scratch-awled design. After sanding/polishing, I gave the pieces a hot Johnson's wax finish. Another one of those minus a nickel an hour jobs. However, if one never takes on this kind of work, one stagnates.

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Those sure are good looking!
The selling price vis-a-vie actual cost price would probably scare one half to death :huh: however I would never be able to cast the first stone(life seems full of school fees no matter how old you get) :D
Thanks for posting

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