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Some new chef knives

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Couple of pics of some recently completed blades. Unfortunately, Saturday seems to be to only full day I can spend on them...lots of work in the shop right now. Seems like it's always feast/famine. After the past 4 yrs, it's good to be working again.

The stainless san mai is 304 with a 1095 core. This is the first time I tried this and am looking forward to doing more.





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Beautiful blades John! The pattern in the cable blade is one of the nicest cable blades I've ever seen, I love the circle pattern.

What flux did you use when you welded the san mai?

Frosty The Lucky.

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The flux is a combo of 5 parts anhydrous borax, 2 parts borax, 1/4 part sal ammoniac, and non iodized salt by volume. I'm guessing that the sal ammoniac and salt probably aren't necessary, but I use them as that's what seems to work with mixed metals. I've yet to have a problem mixing metals w/chromium (5160) with 1095-1084-L6. The blade with 5800 layers shows 3 distinct colors. This flux works with carbon steels.
The stainless san mai was tig welded ( could be stick or mig) around the perimeter to prevent oxidation, the soaked at about 2200 deg for about 15 min. I just guessed as I had not done this before. Hey, it worked!
The other san mai started as a pool and eye, then was sandwiched with the 1095 core.
Xxxx, damascus is a slippery slope... :)
Thanks to all for the kind comments.

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xxxx, damascus is a slippery slope... :)

Always one for the understatement! :D That slope you "pushed" :P me out on is as gentle a slope as the sides of the grand canyon!

Those knives are beeeuatifull--- small question though,why 304? have you tried the magnetic s/s?

As for the flux I could not get non iodated salt so I just used iodated salt and it seems to work.
Glad to hear about work-must be a relief , Wish I had paying work as well.
Regards Ian
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