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First cleaver, finished

Matthew Paul

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I was asked to make a 15" overall length cleaver for someone. That is the only spec that he gave me besides "make it cool"

So I got some 1/4"x2" 5160 and had at it. I decided to use the handle design from my personal knife and give it a gently curved blade. I dont normally use a cross pine when forging blades but I wanted to get as much height out of the blade as I could without lengthening the stock too much. It worked well. Here are some pictures from when I was making it and the completed cleaver. Let me know what ya think fellas.








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Thanks everyone!

Looks great... What did you use to glue the handle to the tang before you pinned it in?

I use Gorilla brand 2part epoxy to hold the scales in place until I rough shape the handle and flare the pins.

I like! Is it for cutting food?

The guy wanted to break down wood for his stove. He said that he had an old cleaver that he has been using for many years but wanted to retire it.
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