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Making tools for the lathe


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I've been working on some segmented urns over the last couple weeks and find myself needing yet more tools :)
I had to make a tool rest and ended up using 1" round and hand hammering it into shape. I did an upset square corner and included the transition of round to flat in that section. I also needed a better cutting tool, bigger and more stable than the store bought crap. Then today I decided I needed a hooked cutter for tooling the inside of the urns. Anyway, here are a couple pictures for your amusement.







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Thanks guys!

Bigfoot- I round the edges of my chisels too, actually they are just eased a bit. I also find that is keeping the tool rest and chisels polished a bit helps them slide better. I just run them on the buffing wheel for a second or two. The factory cast iron tool rest are awful because they wear so badly and don't slide very well. I find I have to sand them flat every few months.

For bigger tool rests I use rounded tops as well.

Here are a couple progress picts. The copper is first time I have spun materials that are captured on both edges...THAT was fun!
The second picture is the final glueup at full hight, about 13".



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