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Wall nozzles I made for the Fire Dept a few years ago

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These are some WALL Nozzles I made for our local fire dept several years ago. They are used to protect near by structures from damage by spraying a thin wall of water straight up or at an angle.




I have built several of the small yellow ones for rural depts with a limited supply of water to keep propane tanks cool that are near a fire, if you tilt it a little it will envelope the tank in a shield of water on both sides.


Photos can be found at this link - click here

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JR. They are neat and work right.
I could see on the Bigger Red one. It looks like you might have sandwiched a thin piece with the holes in it, between the flat pieces, but then on the yellow ones that may not be the case. You have a nice arch to your spray. You have something down in the flats or flanges or what ever you call them. What size holes are there between the flats?? You do have arching, right?? Our dept. could use some of these.
You went from steel to brass couplings?? Threaded or brazed??
Thanks for the pics. and ideas.


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There are no holes in the nozzles. There is just a long slot cut into the base pipe for the water to come up thru. The big ones have a piece added to the side to provide a cavity to allow a volume of water to get to the 1/16 wide slot where the water comes out to form the wall of water.

On the smaller one a plate circle was stretched in the hydraulic press to form the cavity part, then cut apart and welded to the bottom pipe with a piece of 16 gauge plate between the sides as a spacer and then some holes were drilled thru both pieces and short pieces of rod were plug welded on both sides to keep the slot from pushing open due to the pressure of the water.
The fittings are old brass hose ends that were brazed on to the pipe. and the single foot and bolt allow them to be rotated a little sideways to allow the spray to go up and over a car, propane tank or other object to protect it from heat.

The larger one was put between two ancient multistory apartment houses when one caught on fire. They were approxiametly 10 feet apart or less and the one burned to the ground without any damage from heat or flame to the other one. The spray extended from the street to the alley and approxiametly 60 + feet high.

The small red one is used on a deluge set or deck gun to control burning embers rising from a structure fire from spreading the embers to other buildings and property.

The yellow one was originally developed for a rural dept in Iowa to be used to keep propane tanks cool and to protect adjacent trailer homes in a congested rural trailer park. At rural fires water availability and consumption is a critical factor. they have also been used to isolate parts of burning stacks of large round hay bales etc.

I made an 1 1/2 nozzle like the small red one only with a larger fan area for the front of a rural truck for field use on grass and stalk fires.

I also made a portable hydrant for our dept, for use at the end of a 5 inch hose lay, so that water could be distributed to several trucks or hoses.

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