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Atlas Cylinder


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So I have this Atlas cylinder I'd like to use in an upcoming build. I'm sure it has class 1 seals which means it will work fine with air or hydraulic fluids. I took the caps off and it operates easily with just my airgun in the ports. The etch on the side says it's an H025-PB2-0100-4NCSV 14.000. From what I'm able to gather it's a 2.5" bore, 1 inch rod with a 14" throw, however I'm unable to find the correct port bushing for it. There was a 0.75 bolt plugginh onr port, however I know it's not a 10 thread. I tried a 1/2" to 3/8" bushing at TSC today and it wouldn't thread in. Just wondering if anyone might have an idea what size I should be looking for. Unfortunately the Parker/Atlas site is not loading for me and what information I was able to pull off of a pdf was just a little jumbled around since it was for every possible configuration of this heavy duty cylinder series. I'll attach a pic. Thanks!



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Found them at a local hydraulic store, thank you. now I just need to figure out how to up my rate of travel. This ram is about 2/3 the speed of my 2x8 cylinder. I'm using 3/8 tubing so maybe I should up it to something with more flow?


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